Aegeon Hotel
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Abitanti: 1,838
Coordinate: 36º43'N 25º20'E
Superficie: 109.024 km²
Capitale: Chora
Periferia: Egeo Meridionale
Prefettura: Cicladi
CAP: 840 01
Ios Island
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The Harbour or Gialos by the locals, is one of the safest and most sheltered harbors of the Aegean. As the ship arrives in Ios, the first thing one observes is the picturesque church of St. Irene, built from the 17th century.
Due to the geography of the harbor, the island held several sailing competitions.
The blonde sand and crystal waters offer moments of relaxation. Next to Gialos is the beach of Koumbara which are very popular for its natural beauty.
Walking around the Port you will find many shops where you can buy gifts and souvenirs. There are a lot of taverns and restaurants. In addition, there are several cafes where one can enjoy your coffee overlooking the Aegean sea.

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